Word (doc)


Word (doc) output format coverts the current document into a Microsoft Word document format, specifically DOC version.

Output ExtensionDOC
OCRAlways (OmniPage only)
Multipage supportYes

Select here the OCR engine to use to run the current task and create the output document. Available engines are, based on the current license:

  • Nuance OmniPage

Select the language to use during the OCR recognition process. Multiple languages can be selected by holding CTRL key while selecting the languages.

Please refer to the OCR Appendix chapter for the supported OCR languages.

Specify a maximum amount of time the OCR process should run, after which a timeout will occur terminating the process with an error. To be used to prevent the OCR process might take too long, hang or loop on particular complex or malformed documents.

The timeout value is expressed in seconds.


When selecting the Nuance OmniPage engine additional format options will be displayed.

Use frames
If enabled Microsoft Word frames will be used to group paragraph and compose the document layout. The option allows to have a more precise layout by using the more accurate position given by the frames, however text editable will be less easy inside the frames.

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