Application Ports

Scanshare Server may user several network ports for each of its feature which requires network communication of any form.

The used ports are:


1984MFP Wrapper Service
9921MFP Wrapper Service FTP-Port
1985Network Service FTP server
1986Network Web Service
1987Network Service
1988Network Service extended Web Service
1989Task Processing Web Service
1990Network Service Web API
1991Network Service Web API (SSL)
1992Task Processing Web API
1993Task Processing Web API (SSL)
30440Repository Indexing Service
60440Web UI control port
60441Load Balancing management Service (This port is in use by the management server(s) and all the process clusters)
60888Events web socket



8789 Brother Web Client


8590 FujiFilm Linkage Document WebService


8689HP Web Client
8690HP WCF Communication Service Host
8691HP FTP file transfer

Konica Minolta

50001OpenAPI Service Port (device port)
50003OpenAPI SSL Service Port (device port)
50120OpenAPI Service Port for Communication
50121OpenAPI Service Port for FTP file transfer
50220OpenAPI WEB Communication for WebClient
50221OpenAPI WCF Communication for WebClient
50222OpenAPI WEB Client
50320OpenAPI WEB Communication for Authentication WebClient
50321OpenAPI WCF Communication for Authentication WebClient
50420OpenAPI WEB Communication for PullPrint WebClient
50421OpenAPI WCF Communication for PullPrint WebClient


8380Kyocera Web Client
8390Kyocera WCF Communication Service Host


8480OKI Web Client
8490OKI WCF Communication Service Host


8890Samsung XOA Web Service Port


8280Sharp Web Client
8290Sharp WCF Communication Service Host
8291Sharp FTP file transfer

Toshiba / OKI (based on EWB platform)

8089Toshiba WEB client
8090Toshiba WCF Communication Service Host
8091Toshiba WCF Image Transfer Service Host
50083Toshiba EWB Web Service (device port)
49629Toshiba Output Management Web Service (device port)


8120Xerox WCF Communication Service Host
8121Xerox WCF Communication Service Host
8122Xerox WEB Client

Other ports

80, 443Automatic Updater & Licensing Services (N.B. Web Service communication is in                          use, it may blocked by firewall/proxies/network filters even on standard web port 80).