Client Types

Embedded clients are available in different versions, depending on the target type (manufacturer). When so each client version is suitable for different scenarios.

The major difference is between client types supporting cloud connections and those not supporting it. Modern (or Cloud aware) clients are embedded clients using the Scanshare REST protocol and supporting the Multi Tenancy and domain authentication schema.

Modern clients are different from standard, not modern clients, because they are self-registered in the Clients list via a unique ID while standard clients require to be manually added, eventually with automatic embedded client push, identified via their network IP address (local network).

Supported Types Matrix

The supported client versions per type are:

StandardModernScanningAccountingPull PrintType / Type
HPXXXXXOXPd / Workpath
Konica MinoltaXXXXXOpenAPI / IWS
KyoceraXXXXHyPAS / HyPAS for Embedded
MobileXXAndroid & iOS
OlivettiXXXXHyPAS / HyPAS for Embedded
Olivetti OpenAPIXXXXXOpenAPI / IWS
PC ClientXXProprietary
PC Client ProXXProprietary
PlustekXXPlkScan API
Printer ClientXXProprietary
RicohXXvSDKJ / SmartSDK
SamsungXXXXOA, XOA Web / Smart UX
SharpXXvOSA / Embedded OSA
ToshibaXXXXXEWB / Embedded SDK
Web ClientXXBuilt-in
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