Script list type allows to run a piece of script to generate a dynamic items list. The script can execute anything supported as far as the items list will be returned as a string in a RESULT variable.

The RESULT string format is separating different items by ; (semicolon). Optionally if a different returned value is required the single item can be separated by ## (double hash).

Example of RESULT string variable:



Running piece of scripts may be harmful and dangerous. Make sure to know what the script is exactly doing and to run external delivered script only if is source is trusted and the script is secure.

Select the type of script to execute according what provided in the Filename or the Code. Available types are:

  • Visual Basic Script
  • Java Script

Scripts are executed server side inside services context, make sure to do not use client side objects which might not work or hang services.


Visual basic Script is executed at 32bits while Java Script is executed natively at 64bits. Java Script is strongly suggested as preferred scripting type.

Browse to or enter script filename.


Browse allows to upload the script to the server, this operation stores the script file in the local Scanshare data folder.


For security and privacy reasons the path is always referring to the Scanshare data folder and not to a full absolute path. Do not insert absolute paths which will generate instead an error.

In this field you can manually write a script which will be stored inside the item list settings or use variables to use dynamic script code / variables.

Refer to the Appendix – Scripting section for more information about Scripting in general inside Scanshare.

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