The Output Profiles page shows you a list of all Output Profiles currently configured.

Output Profiles are configuration profiles to create certain outputs for the target module where they are used. An output profile defines first of all the output format, then it may provide additional specific configuration, when available for the selected output format, all saved in the profile to create then that configured output.

It is also possible to search through the list by using the search function on the upper right side.

The view of the table show you this information:

The type of output profile identified by icon.

The name of output profile.

The id associated with your output profile. It is unique and it is the id of your Output Profile inside the DB.

On the top of list as you can see in each of our list, the new Top Bar:


Create a new Output Profile, opens the New Output Profile dialog.

Modify the selected Output Profile, opens the New Output Profile dialog.

Duplicate the selected output profile(s) creating a full new copy of them.

The new copy will be named by appending the text Copy (1) where 1 is incremented in case multiple copies (or the copy name) are existing already.

Delete the selected Output Profile(s).


Delete will generate an error if the output profile is in use in any workflow to prevent to leave a broken configuration. Remove first the profile from the target workflow / connector before deleting the output profile.

Always on Top Bar but to the right we find options for displaying the list:

# elements
Number of the Output Profiles available in the list.

Select all
Select all Output Profiles available in the list.

Unselect all
Unselect all Output Profiles available in the list.

Refresh the Output Profile list (reload profiles).

Filter the list by either information available for each profile:

  • id
  • format
  • name
  • workflow using the profile

On the bottom of the page there is a details dialog, it shows-up when you click on an output profile and here you can quickly view information about the selected profile.

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