The Web Client menu brings you to the Scanshare Web Client dashboard.

Web Client is a Scanshare user based client which allows any user to import / scan / upload documents into any Scanshare configured Workflow. The Web Client brings any embedded client functionalities into a fully web based client available from any user PC without requiring to install any client application.

A first use access will load automatically the available Workflows, they can be customized based on the current User or User SSO permissions. A Refresh button is available on top left to reload the current Workflows.

By selecting one of the available Workflow the user is able to import / scan the document to store with the current Workflow and fill any questions, if configured for the current Workflow.

Some working behavior can be customized here with the Web Client capture module settings for the current selected Workflow.

On the top left bar document controls are available:


Image controls apply to the preview only and not to the physical document stored in the repository.

Fit the document to the current view.

One to One
Enlarge the document to the 100% zoom ratio into the current view.

Zoom In
Zoom In the document into the current view.

Zoom Out
Zoom out the document into the current view.

Rotate Clockwise
Rotate clockwise direction the document by a manner of 45 degrees.

• Rotate Counter Clockwise
Rotate counter clockwise direction the document by a manner of the 45 degrees.

• Page
Displays the current preview page number on the total number of pages of the document.

• Previous page / Next page
Load and display the previous or next page preview of the document.

In the right part available questions are displayed and can be answered.

Required questions are marked with a yellow tag and if they are not filled a warning notification will be generated when attempting to send the document.

In the bottom part the controls to operate the Workflow are displayed:

Import document
Browse to open and load (by uploading to the server) a sample document to render on the preview pane.

The document is uploaded at the time of the selection and it stored temporary on the server until the current job is sent.

Allows the complete the current job and submit the document and filled questions data. If any required question is not filled at this stage a warning notification message is generated and send process interrupts.

Cancel the current job and return to the list of all available Workflows.

Live Mode

The right bottom part displays the Live mode pane if enabled for the current Workflow. When clicking on the pane the Live Mode is activated and the current Workflow design is rendered showing the immediate first module. Contextually the Send button will disappear because the current Workflow operates only in Live Mode.

Live Mode is a synchronous processing operated by a specific Scanshare processing service dedicated to this task. It doesn’t interfere with the standard processing service and all processing Workflow tasks.

According the current Workflow capture settings Live Mode can operate automatically when it has been opened or manually with the Process Next and Process All buttons.

Process Next will execute the next module in line, the progress will be reported in the Live Mode Workflow preview. Once the process is completed the status is reported and the document and / or the questions are updated with the current status of both after the module processing.

The Process Next button can be operated till the last module when the Workflow will complete and close automatically.

When using the Process All button, instead, the Workflow will run till the end and automatically complete or wait for the last module (according the current Workflow capture settings).