The supported barcode types by the Barcode Reader engine, either reading or writing, are:

Code 3 of 9Code 128Interleaved 2 of 5Ames Code (Codabar)
USD-4 (Codarbar)NW-7 (Codabar)2 of 7 code (Codabar)UCCEAN 128
Code 11 (USD-8)Standard 2 of 5GS1 DatabarGS1 Databar limited
GS1 Databar ExpandedPatch codePostnetPlanet
Australian Post 4-StateRoyal Mail (RM4SS) 4 StateUSPS OneCode 4-State Barcode (4BC)GS1 Databar Stacked
GS1 Databar Expanded StackedPDF417MicroPDF417Datamatrix
QR codeAztecMaxi

A detailed description of every barcode type can be found in the further table below:

EAN-13International article number with 13 digits. Used internationally with consumer productean13
EAN-8Derived from EAN-13, used on small packages when EAN-13 would be to long. Article number with 8 digitsean8
UPC-A12 digit code used with consumer products in the united statesupca
UPC-ECompressed version of UPC-A. This code allows only digits and has a 8 digitsupce
Code 3 of 9Supports alphanumeric data and is widely used. Supportts encoding of 43 different alphanumeric characters.code3of9
Code 128Very high density linear barcode. Able to encode all 128 ASCII characters through the use of multiple character code sets and special command codescode128
Interleaved 2 of 5Code consisting of only digits in an even number. An odd number of digits will be encoded by adding a ‘0’ as first digit.codeinterleaved2of5
Ames Code (Codabar)Can encode 16 different characters and is used by US blood banks, photo development laboratories and on FedEx air bills.codabar
USD-4 (Codarbar)Can encode 16 different characters and is used by US blood banks, photo development laboratories and on FedEx air bills.codabar
NW-7 (Codabar)Can encode 16 different characters and is used by US blood banks, photo development laboratories and on FedEx air bills.codabar
2 of 7 code (Codabar)Can encode 16 different characters and is used by US blood banks, photo development laboratories and on FedEx air bills.codabar
UCCEAN 128Specialized, self describing data structure conveyed as a Code 128 symbol. This code also stores what the data represents and how it should be formatted.code128
Code 93Similar to code 3 of 9, but offers the advantage of supporting the encoding of 47 different alphanumeric characters.code93
EANEXT55-digit extension of EAN-code. represents the suggested retail price of book. first digit represents the currency, the remaining 4 the amount (e.g. 57500 indicates a retail price of $75.00)eanext5
EAN Ext-22-digit extension represents periodical such as magazine and newspaper issue numbers.eanext2
MSICan encode the numbers 0-9 and used to identify shelving locations in retail stores. Symbol can be of any length and contain one or two check digitsmsi
Code 11 (USD-8)Supports encoding of 0-9 and the dash (-) character and is used to identify telecommunications hardwarecode11
Standard 2 of 5Standard Industrial code, used in airline ticketing, photofinishing and warehouse industriescodestandard2of5
GS1 Databar14-digit barcode used for EAN.UCC item identification.gs1databar
GS1 Databar limitedencodes a 14-digit EAN.UCC item identification with Indicator digits of zero or onegs1databarlimited
GS1 Databar ExpandedEAN.UCC item identification plus AI elements (such as weight and ‘best before’ date)gs1databarexpanded
Patch codePatch codes do not encode any data. They are used to separate batch scanning jobs and to control the scanner.patchcode
PostnetRepresents a 5 or 9 digit ZIP code or an 11-digit “Delivery Point Code” of US destination addresses. Used by postal servicespostnet
PlanetSimilar to postnet. difference is that Planet represents ‘off’ bits. Planet is used by the US postal service to identify and track mail during delivery.planet
Australian Post 4-StateUsed by Australia Post for Postal code and automatic mail sorting.australianpost4state
Royal Mail (RM4SS) 4 StateUsed by Royal Mail Cleanmail service. It has specific requirements to ensure maximum readability and efficiency during the mail routing process.australianpost4state
USPS OneCode 4-State Barcode (4BC)Intelligent mail barcode, used by the US postal service for domestic delivery. It combines routing ZIP code and tracking information into a single barcodeusps4state
GS1 Databar Stackedgs1databarstacked
GS1 Databar Expanded StackedStacked variation of the GS1 Databar Expanded, stacked in 2 rows. Used when a GS1 Databar Expanded is too wide.gs1databarexpandedstacked
PDF417Most common 2D barcode. Uses Error Correction Code, stores up to 1850 ASCII characters and can be combined with GS1-128 to create CC-C barcodespdf417
MicroPDF417Based on PDF417, designed to encode a moderate amount of data into a very compact symbol. stores up to 150 byte, 250 alphanumeric or 366 numeric digits 1 barcode. Uses Error Correction Code, Code 128 emulation allows the decoder to return data as if it were encoded as a Code128 symbol and can be combined with various 1D barcodes to create composite barcodesmicropdf417
Datamatrix2D-barcode, encoded information can be text or binary. Stores up to 2218 ASCII characters in one barcode symbol. Can encode up to 33225 characters and uses Error Correction codedatamatrix
QR codeQuick Response Code is one of the most popular 2D barcodes. Offers data storage up to 2953 bytes, 4296 alphanumeric or 7089 numeric digits. Also includes Error correction codeqr