Capture modules are Workflow modules to start the Workflow processing. They can be inserted always and only at the beginning of the Workflow as first modules, in any mix between them.

The role of the capture modules is to check the target capture source for incoming documents and / or data hence pass the captured documents into the Workflow processing line(s).


No documents are passed from a source to another, to send or store documents refer to the Store modules instead.

Multiple capture modules can be used in the same workflow, they will be connected by a line one after another one where the meaning of the line is the logical order in which they are executed. The workflow which check for documents inside each capture module in the order as they are connected, when anything is found it will be processed.

Capture modules can be distinguished in Clients capture modules which capture documents from connected embedded Clients and Digital capture modules which capture documents in an automatic way by connecting to third party applications and services.

Available client capture modules are:

Available digital capture modules are:

All capture modules can be used only once in the Workflow because they fire the capture source of it except:

  • Watch Folder

The exception modules can be used multiple times in the workflow with different configuration by capturing documents from the different same type sources.

If the capture module doesn’t find any source documents / data the processing engine will execute the next capture module in line and once they are all parsed the Workflow will end without processing and rescheduled at its next internal processing time for a new check.

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