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This is a Client capture module, adding this module will allow the Workflow to be visible into the connected clients of this type. The module itself doesn’t capture any document but it will look into the client incoming queue for documents to process.

Capture module Web Client allows to use this Workflow on connected and enabled Web Clients. When this module is added to a Workflow this will be visible, according eventually any permissions, to the Web Clients and Users in use.

Web Client will allow to import / scan documents from a regular PC via web browser by using the Scanshare User Dashboard and access the Web Client feature.

For each imported job the Web Client module will create a document into the target Workflow incoming queue. The document is composed by two files:

  • .img: the document itself in the original format imported and uploaded from the Web Client or in TIF LZW format retaining the original quality and properties if scanned
  • .var: the variables automatically generated for the job and user inserted via Questions in a strong encrypted AES format

The default Incoming queue is located inside C:\ProgramData\Scanshare\Incoming\Workflow-ID.


The variable file is specifically linked to the Workflow for which it has been created for security reasons. If moved into a different Workflow it will not be parsed and generate a Bad Data error at the start of processing.

The left hand side menu shows the available settings sections. Settings are displayed according the selected section.


This section shows the list of available Questions in this server. From here new questions can be created and existing questions can be modified, however existing questions cannot be deleted and they need to be deleted from the general Questions list.

Select one or more questions, with the checkbox in the first column of the table, to be used and displayed for this Workflow on the connected clients.

The Questions section here is used in the same way in all clients capture modules. For more information check the Capture Questions section.


This section allows to customize general working behavior of the Web Client when using the current Workflow. The options here affects all Web Clients and all Users using this workflow.


Default folder
Enter a default input folder or select Browse to browse to the right folder. If specified the Workflow will automatically render all documents found in this folder one by one during the Workflow scanning session.

The default folder can be used for scenarios with multiple workflows where documents are automatically stored in the folder for further user Web Client processing.


The Default folder is server side and intended to be located on the Scanshare server.

Verbose notifications
If enabled creates verbose notifications during regular Web Client usage.


Enable text recognition
If enabled, WebClient allows live text recognition from the imported document preview by drawing a zone on the target text. Recognized text is available to be filled in the question fields.

Reuse Workflow
Select the default behavior for re-using the current Workflow after a job has been successfully sent. You can choose:

  • User defined: the setting is overridden by the user defined settings inside its own preferences.
  • Never: force to never reuse the current Workflow, returns automatically to the Workflows list after the document sending.
  • Ask: force to ask to reuse the current Workflow, when answering no returns to the Workflows list.
  • Always: force to always reuse the current Workflow, it stays open after the document sending allowing a new document without selecting again the Workflow. Use Cancel to return to the Workflows list.

Live Mode

Live Mode
Select the default working behavior of the Web Client Live Mode. You can choose:

  • Default: Live Mode is collapsed at the Workflow opening and it can be manually opened and operated.
  • Disabled: Live Mode is disabled for this Workflow, the tab doesn’t appear at all in the Web Client.
  • Force: Live Mode is forced for this Workflow, it will open and start automatically when the Workflow is selected in the Web Client.

Auto start
If enabled Live Mode will start processing automatically when opened, otherwise use either the Process Next or Process All buttons to start.


If Live Mode is set to Force and Auto Start is enabled, the Live Mode will automatically be opened and start processing as soon as a document is imported into the selected Workflow.

If enabled will stop Live Mode processing at the last Workflow module for Verification of the current document and variables before submitting the last step.


Verification works in combination of the Auto Start or the Process All manual button. When Process Next the last module it completes the Workflow.

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