Add a OAuth User


By pressing the  button on the top of the screen, a new OAuth user can be created. The same dialog is displayed when editing existing OAuth users from the users list.

OAuth users are special users which hold an OAuth access token released by the connected third party service.

The left hand side menu shows the available settings section. Settings are displayed according the selected section.


Select a group here where to insert the new created OAuth user.


A group is always mandatory, there are no ungrouped users.

Select the type of OAuth user to add, the list shows all OAuth available connectors which require an OAuth user to access with.

Supported OAuth connectors are:

Link to user
Select an available Scanshare user to which this created OAuth user. Linking a user means save the requested OAuth Access Token inside the selected user and convert the existing user to an OAuth user without creating a new user.

Default option is the + value which will create a new separate user, if not already existing.

Enter the OAuth username to assign to this user. The same username will be used inside the OAuth connectors in the username field.


This is NOT the third party system username but a specific local Scanshare OAuth username which will hold the received OAuth Access Token.

OAuth authentication doesn’t work in terms of username and password!

Enter a PIN / password to protect the received OAuth Access Token. The same PIN will be used inside the OAuth connectors in the PIN field in combination of the previous entered username.

PIN / password can be anything (digits, characters and / or symbols) and it works as a password protected OAuth user.


This is a new PIN entered here for the first time and then used anywhere this OAuth user is used.

By clicking the Authorize button a popup dialog will be opened transferring the OAuth authorization flow to the selected third party provider (selected under the type field).

The popup will request the login into the selected third party provider and once successfully login will request the expected Scanshare permissions, if allowed the popup will automatically close and the new OAuth user will be successfully created.


Make sure the redirect DNS has been configured before making this step otherwise a mismatching_uri error might be generated.

DNS is preconfigured and must always be the same: (for Scanshare default branded labels).


If Use Cloud Service is enabled inside the OAuth settings the page will redirect to the third party provider instead of opening a modal popup. Once authorization flow is successfully allowed the page will be redirected back to the Scanshare users list with a success notification message.

When using the Cloud Service the previous DNS pre-configuration is not required.


Obtained OAuth Access Token have a default expiration period, commonly but not always of 30 minutes, after which they are not anymore valid generating access errors when used. Tokens are automatically refreshed by default every 20 minutes. Make sure your token doesn’t expire before otherwise change the OAuth Polling Time in the registry.

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