Release Notes

v5.24.06 | 14-06-2024

June maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Added Microsoft Office formats support as input source
Added Microsoft Office outputs cloud support
Added OpenAPI WebDAV built in server [352161]
Added PDF version 2.0
New Text output format
New Eduarte connector

Added first and last page buttons in the Web Client [271466]
Added General User, Repository and Web Client server settings for tenants
Added Print without authentication policy accounting option for Kyocera
Email connector allowing empty body
Improved Web Client section sizing and layout [271466]
Improved Microsoft Office outputs
Removed old PDF version 1.2
Removed output profile Merge options for Office formats
Updated OneDrive and Sharepoint connectors OAuth certificates [663810, 128741, 331612, 834185, 679615, 301677]

Annotation always processing only first page also when using custom pages selection
Annotation not accurate as the module setup preview for specific configurations [726869]
Annotation not rendering images when using Stamp annotation with custom images [726869]
Clio connector generating a DNS error when using US environments
InvalidParameter error during Book and Booklet output profile splitting options [861772]
Missing Box trigger icon in the workflow designer
OpenAPI and Toshiba web clients cutting special question values
OpenAPI and Toshiba web clients returning a format validation error on special question values
Output profile Merge option always producing single page outputs
Output profile PDF version setting may appear disabled in certain settings combinations
Output profile default Image Quality set to Low instead of Normal for new profiles
PDF versions not correctly set [364892]
Questions loosing Auto Lookup list if not opening the Auto Lookup section before saving
Repository document icons too big when using Tiles view
Repository may fail to upload new documents from the Web when using tenants under certain configurations
Repository may return a parse error rather than the actual error message description under certain conditions
Xerox client may not correctly validate logged user [377502]
Kyocera authentication app: Card registration not working anymore after a login failed register attempt
Kyocera authentication app: New policy option to print without authentication
Ricoh scan app: Added loading/progress transfer pages status
Ricoh scan app: Added possibility to cancel the job
Ricoh scan app: Added print module
Ricoh scan app: Added print job charge and check when the user has no credit / or limited credit
Ricoh scan app: Home menu always displayed also when print settings is disabled server side
Ricoh scan app: Left menu buttons not always work as expected
Ricoh scan app: Logout not working from print side
Ricoh scan app: Possible crash when using Print ALL button after the first job
Ricoh scan app: Print settings not correctly set
Ricoh scan app: Wrong login failed message when the username is obtained from device
Ricoh scan app: Battery of small bug fixes and enhancements
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.24.03 | 31-03-2024

March maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Added support for DocuShare Go
Added virtual license support for Nutanix AHV VMs [783090]
New Box trigger for Konica Minolta

Smart OCR not returning values when the value is found shifted backwards
Toshiba EWB client supporting authentication information on new firmware devices

OMR may mix returned zones on multiple pages documents
ObjectNotReference error at the web panel startup for specific language upgrades from old versions to the new OCR engine based versions [443105]
OneDrive for Business connector may generate a ObjectNotReference error when using SSO profiles [770482]
OpenAPI Reuse workflow and Maintenance mode setting checkboxes may lock and not operate [376149]
Print connector generating an ObjectReference error on very local printer operation
Repository top bar Download and Share buttons not working when using list view
Sharepoint connector generating a segment not found error when using subsites under a folder structure deeper than 1 level [641595]
Splitting in the output profile settings not working with some specific settings combinations [471568]
WATCHFOLDERSUBPATH may contain the previous value when processing multiple documents in different subfolders [168527]
Workflows images not correctly imported and displayed when using tenants
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.24.02 | 16-02-2024

February maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

Improved Smart OCR rule detection
Improved WebClient pages labeling

Appending failing with a File in Use by another process error with specific workflow configurations and source documents [351632]
Events viewer not working always reporting disconnected status [821240]
Nedap ONS front connector showing Include Waiting checkbox always disabled even if correctly saved enabled [941806]
Repository may return a parse error rather than the actual error message description under certain conditions
Sharepoint connector generating a Bad Syntax error when using subites [641595]
Smart Document module empty label in the Summarization types list
Smart Form 500 error when opening New Rule page with some specific form types
Split trigger may produce copy of the same page(s) when output profile cache is in use
Zone OCR modules 500 error when editing an existing rule on imported workflows created with a version < 5.23.10
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.24.01 | 31-01-2024

January minor release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Added Azure SSO Security Enabled Groups option
Added switch to hide notification popups
HP Workpath client added label, selected with tree, numeric, toggle and date time question types
New HP Workpath client scan preview option
New ICR engine based on AI OCR Recognition
New OpenAPI client maintenance mode
New OpenAPI client reuse workflow option
New Smart Document AI module for personal information detection, document classification, document summary, document translation
New WebClient selected questions Auto Refresh option
New ZUGFeRD PDF compliance support

Added variables button inside generic properties list new element row
Clio connector added Matter filter
Improved Smart OCR rule detection [179387]
OAuth re-authorization not forced anymore if not needed when saving server settings and SSO profiles [152344]

Annotation module not correctly rendering text annotation types
Annotation module not working under specific conditions [974831, 774741]
Auto deskew and auto rotation options not working when creating S-PDF with default OCR engine
DOCX and XLSX documents always containing only the first page of the source document [754209]
Duplicated pages in output when creating S-PDF with both default and Abbyy engines with empty pages removal option enabled [479122]
German umlaut character “ö” may miss in the OCR results in some specific conditions [345440]
Index out of bounds error when using Anchor in any zonal module [130303]
Invalid parameter error during OCR with default engine with empty pages removal option enabled [334944]
Item lists marked for autolookup not displayed on top of the list
Print connector generating a ObjectNullReference error during processing
Repository add column properties list wrong title
Saving SSO profile with import of users may lead in a white page with some undefined notification messages, even if saving and importing complete correctly
Smart OCR highlight not visible on the output documents
Smart OCR redaction producing a missing feature error [382506]
Temporary process file may be left in the source folder under specific conditions
UnsupportedImageFormat error in certain conditions when processing specific image formats in input [475180]
WebClient question autolookup not fired on typed question
Workflow rasterize resolution not correctly used
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.23.10 | 16-10-2023

October minor release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Added new PDF compliance levels PDF/A 2b, PDF/A 3b, PDF/A 4, PDF/A 4e, PDF/A 4f, PDF/UA1
Added virtual license support for Amazon EC2 VMs [641294, 494467, 780776]

Database connector added option to insert documents as BLOB’s [428885]
Improved processing engine
Nedap ONS connector added option to filter Clients in Waiting status [941806]
Removed MICR module
Replaced Nuance Omnipage OCR engine with Tesseract modern OCR engine
Workflows export file named with the Workflow name when selecting only 1 workflow

Database connector multiple variables in the same query not always expanded correctly
FTP connector generating an assembly error when using connection without SSL / SSH
M-Files connector generating a SSL error at the connection with some endpoints
Nedap ONS connector updated connector to work with recent API clients search update [668597]
Output Profiles section inside connectors settings may show blank on some specific cases
Raet Youforce Display Number option not enabled when select return type of Employee [203994]
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.23.07 | 07-07-2023

July maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New Statement and StatementR scan sizes for the Ricoh Smart SDK client

Updated Xerox module to support latest Embedded Xerox client app

Exchange may generate a ObjectNullReference error on specific Exchange server configurations [726140]
FTP connector not saving Data Output contents [155440]
Lexmark client generating a Client Not Known error message when multiple connections are done [482534]
Load balancing may fire multiple invalid license errors delaying or interrupting cluster processing
Missing WebDAV connector
ObjectNullReference error may be fired under some conditions when username only authentication is used
SmartForm hanging when adding / modifying a rule
SmartOCR module not using OmniPage wrapper correctly [840494]
Workflow fixed time interval not displayed after saved
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.23.06 | 01-06-2023

June maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

OAuth connectors fully using the Cloud service when enabled in the server settings
Updated Xerox module to support latest Embedded Xerox client

Client settings tabs producing wrong visual effects when modifing policy settings from the link
SSO OAuth login flow disappearing buttons when returning a login error [566755]
Server error when using a username not in the email format with OAuth Sign In login flow
Server mail settings not correctly saved when using Cloud OAuth
SmartForm module generating a 500 error on specific document types
SmartOCR module failing with a generic error when specifying a custom page number on multiple pages documents [237033]
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.23.04 | 30-04-2023

April maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New Clio connector
New scan size options for the Ricoh Smart SDK client

Updated FujiFilm client

Invalid column error ‘False’ error during User SSO login [135972]
License error message line appearing in dashboard under certain conditions [845597]
Repository connector hanging when opening config dialog in new 5.23.03 [970856]
Simulator menu entry not visible with administrator accounts [806360]
WebClient DateTime question selecting wrong date value format [613304]
Xerox client hanging on scanning progressing [462921, 935739]
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.23.03 | 17-03-2023

March maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Added OAuth Sign In with buttons
New Djuma connector
New NetDocuments connector
New option to hide Simulator from User menu
New page number option in SmartOCR rule
New PageSynthesis setting for Word output when using Abbyy engine [564832]
New PaperVision connector
New SMARTFORM_FIELDSLIST variable for General form types
New Worldox connector

Docushare connector added support for scanning into Home Collections [380133]
Records Manager front connector added container level filter option
Records Manager front connector improved container search filtering
Removed FujiFilm Duplex Default scan option
SmartForm improved extracted addresses format [695690]
Updated FujiFilm client
XPLAN connector added support for Open API integration

Empty page when opening workflow failover triggers [361654]
Error page when clicking on the top bar application logo after a failed login attempt
Loading spinning hanging in some cases when saving server settings with SMTP mail protocol and empty username
MICR module generating a unsupported zone type when using Nuance with CMC7 type
Nedap ONS connector updated connector to work with recent API types update
Ricoh capture module not displaying new added question types when listing existing questions
Sharepoint connector not expanding PIN variable [120268]
SmartForm generating ‘startIndex cannot be larger than length of string’ error on some specific document fields
Toshiba workflow capture module may not display correctly module logo
User login not permitted with OAuth users linked to existing users
Variables trigger not displaying the icon
WebClient producing a Login error when using Live Mode [583270]
Windream connector generating a validation request error when using special characters in password [804879]
FujiFilm scan app: Changed the OIDs to support all current FujiFilm devices
FujiFilm scan app: Updated the status message error when the job is canceled by the system
Kyocera scan app: Added customizable scan settings dialog during job build scan [888612]
Kyocera scan app: Progress dialogs improvement
Kyocera scan app: Question variables loosing double slash [280387]
Kyocera scan app: Scanning hanging when scan job is big over a certain size [667595]
Ricoh scan app: Added server settings pre configuration via DALP File
Ricoh scan app: No workflows message may appear on some specific network session conditions
Ricoh scan app: Silent user login may return login required in some specific cases
Ricoh scan app: Updated scan settings attributes and layout for SOP 2.0 devices
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.22.12 | 31-12-2022

December maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Added HL7 TCP output messages
Added OmniPage wrapper to the SmartOCR module
Added workflow groups for the WebClient
New SmartInvoice module changed in SmartForm with additional document types
New Deskew filter in the Image Processing module
New FujiFilm client
New customizable dashboard home page

Fierit connector added Document Category filter
Improved client sessions disconnection
Improved SmartForm AI models
Nedap ONS connector new Expertise Groups setting during upload
SmartOCR variables may miss document location on verification for some specific cases
Updated ELO connector supporting v20
Updated ScanZ logos

Email connector wrong packed brand version
FTP capture module generating a wrong reference error
FTP connector data output contents area not retaining all text after saving when using special characters
OmniPage wrapper ignoring document splitting and performing always full document OCR for every split
SmartInvoice not correctly formatting numbers with decimal when using comma
User domain may be reported wrong in certain conditions during clients authentication
Verification displaying next documents not in the correct order when column list order is changed under certain ordering cases
WebClient required Typed and Selected / Search while Typing questions not allowing to scan
Workflow failover triggers may display white dialog when modified
Workflow script trigger code editor not correctly rendered
Kyocera scan app: Picklists cutting items at 30 elements
Kyocera scan app: Workflows not loaded when using a name composed by more than 3 words
Kyocera scan app: Workflows without image may not show default workflow image
Toshiba scan app: Username field disabled when Use Device Login is enabled
Toshiba scan app: Silent user authentication not correctly working when Use Device Login is enabled
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.22.09 | 30-09-2022

September maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New Sharp Embedded OSA client version
New Variables trigger
New Verification custom displayed variables

Added native Google authentication when using GSuite SSO profiles
Certificates generated without V3 extensions
iManage front connector added Recent filter
Improved OAuth cloud registration for Connectors, Mail and SSO functionalities
Improved OpenAPI FunctionVersion selection when installing applications
Improved Smart Invoice AI models

Client Not Allowed error when connecting modern clients with multi tenant and accounting enabled under certain conditions
Clients push progress text not appearing when saving and installing together
CURRENTPAGE variable may appear empty on certain processing conditions
Email connector may not correctly refresh OAuth tokens
HP OXPd client not using Duplex scanning when manually selected from the MFD while document source is Auto rather than ADF [108360]
OAuth process not always returning correctly from the authorization popup [562564]
OmniPage wrapper generating page number not valid error under certain configurations [575098]
OneDrive and Sharepoint connectors uploading to the root folder when using a combination of dynamic and static folder
OpenAPI FunctionVersion error when installing Authentication client [744147]
OpenAPI scan triggers may not correctly work
Output profile merge option accepting also local absolute paths if used manually or inside variables
Process service may not correctly reschedule workflows under certain specific conditions
Proxy settings button in connectors hanging on loading screen [998209]
Some PDF and OCR’ed documents may not appear in the verification list even if correctly moved to the verification queue
Verification displaying next documents not in the correct order when column list order is changed
Verification hanging when attempting to save variables with XML or HTML characters inside
Verification trigger generating a processing error after the first document processed when using push notifications [801654]
Xero connector not refreshing correctly tokens
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.22.07 | 13-07-2022

July maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New Web Client live text recognition
New Web Client multiple documents importing
New updated Ricoh SmartSDK embedded app
Nedap ONS connector new Expertise Groups retrieval and Profiles filtering
Regas front connector added active only filters for Employees and Patients

Improved generated certificates
OpenAPI and Toshiba web clients updated JQuery library [536131, 951010]
Process service cancelling workflows processing when stopping / restarting
Regas connector supporting searching for default definition id folders during upload
Sharepoint connector added support for Group Sites when using OAuth
Sharp client no questions message changed rendering style [865307]
Updated IIS main application pool configuration
Updated Olivetti logos
Updated Sharp module to support latest Embedded OSA client
Workflows import/export now keeping icons

All authentication settings can be turned off is ID is disabled as last
Database data truncated message might appearing when saving specific settings
FTP connector might generate an error of missing libraries when using SSL [682844]
Installer may not create certificate under specific installation conditions
OmniPage Wrapper returning empty variables when used in Zone OCR
OneDrive personal connector not browsing folders
OpenAPI clients push may fail with a function version not supported error message [579776, 590287, 869474, 557306, 839216, 372819]
Regular user is able to search for administrator configuration objects [518290]
iManage lookup connector filter variable button not enabled when selecting workspaces
Kyocera authentication app: Application is locked when pressing the Ok button on the login failed error message screen
Kyocera scan app: Establishing connection message might stay on screen under certain configuration conditions
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.22.05 | 31-05-2022

May maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Added self signed certificates creation
DocuWare connector added Store dialogs selection for fields retrieval
Email added option to keep or not sent mails when using Exchange or Office365
Extract workflow variables text by using inline regular expressions
Fierit front connector added Client filters
New Connector Lookup Trigger type
New iManage Lookup Connector support
Sharepoint connector OAuth support
Watch Folder added support for password protected PDF source files

Added option to save a new client without attempting to automatically push it to the target device, when supported
FTP capture module now supporting SSL and SSH
FTP capture module using original FTP filenames when downloading files [702190]
FreeForm engine generating a Profile cannot be found error when multiple triggers are used one after another one in the processing routes
FreeForm engine might generate an Abbyy engine license error also if the processing forms are not using the Abbyy engine
Smart Invoice module logging error details when existing [573530]
Updated OpenAPI libraries to latest v5.6b
Updated Ricoh module to support latest Android client
Updated Sharp connection module to support new Embedded OSA client
Updated connectors libraries
Updated Microsoft OAuth libraries for all Microsoft connectors to reflect latest OAuth tokens update
Updated myneva connector settings fields layout
Uploads manager added buttons to download and rename files
Uploads manager added filtering by modified date
Kyocera authentication app: Updated UI style
Kyocera authentication app: Device identification via unique ID for cloud support
Kyocera authentication app: Added support for latest accounting settings
Kyocera authentication app: Some error messages my appear with blank text
Kyocera scan app: Updated UI style
Kyocera scan app: Updated document storing via REST cloud API
Kyocera scan app: Added support for UseDeviceLogin new authentication setting
Kyocera scan app: Possibility to save user credentials for cloud access
Kyocera scan app: Device identification via unique ID for cloud support
Kyocera scan app: Regular expression check failing
Kyocera scan app: Scan hard button sometimes may not work
Kyocera scan app: Added status message when connecting and performing authentication
Kyocera scan app: Some error messages my appear with blank text
Kyocera scan app: Minor bug fixes

Docuware and KOMIDoc connectors may clear saved fields when using the Cancel button in the Fields dialog
Docuware connector generating a Platform Service error at connection with the cloud
Docuware connector not correctly set not Text fields type [735769]
Email OAuth user registration might loop progress without returning
FTP capture module may hang UI with progress when testing connection
FTP connector generating an Object Reference error when server enforces use of a SSL protocol >= Tls1.2 [682844]
Nmbrs connector file too long error during the installation process
Office365 OAuth popup appearing also when saving empty mail server settings with protocol set to Office365
OpenAPI authentication client may crash when umlauts or some other special characters are used inside user welcoming messages [970594] [Temporary]
Sharepoint connector error and empty properties during upload with customized properties [557125, 603100, 797878, 182913]
Sharp web client not correctly using the Job Build option when enabled [218725]
WebClient SelectedWithTree question refresh button not workingv Workflows ordering not correctly used on the WebClient [237281]
Workflows ordering not correctly used on the WebClient [237281]
XML itemlist returns a path error when using the display / returned List buttons [442474]
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.22.03 | 15-03-2022

March maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New DocuShare connector
New Redirect workflow trigger

Regas connector added custom RUID of type choice
Regas connector renamed to myneva
WebClient possibility to refresh selected with tree question

Abbyy OCR engine generating the internal error .\Src\SpecialFontFactory.cpp on some specific cases
Events viewer not showing connection status anymore on multiple openings
GoogleDrive connector generating authentication error during upload with domain access
GSuite SSO tokens not always correctly refreshed [117319]
LEAP connector might generate generic upload error
Missing list icon for lookup triggers
Mobile clients may mixing acquired pages when more than 10 [674928]
OpenAPI authentication web client generating a balance error at login when using policy billing set to None
OpenAPI web client not correctly updating conditional questions based on toggle and numeric question types
Send test mail button in general server settings not working when using Office365
Send test mail in general server settings generating always a general error when using Exchange
WebClient not correctly updating conditional questions based on default values
Workflows ordering not correctly used on the embedded clients [237281]
Wrong start page loading text color
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.22.01 | 31-01-2022

January maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

Regas added custom RUID properties

e-BRIDGE Capture & Store wrong Events icon color
Generic properties list might not show all columns
GoogleDrive connector not correctly parsing mixed subfolders [402608]
Login failed error on Login / Logout sequential operations with multi tenancy option enabled
Printing policy rules reverted to default value when action switched from Block to Lock
PropertyMe connector not correctly ordering returned lists [672026]
Questions ordering not correctly saved under some circustances inside workflow capture modules [599139]
Raet Youforce force Tls 1.2 connections
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.21.12 | 21-12-2021

December minor release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Email capture module new option to move processed email in an Inbox subfolder (for IMAP and Exchange/Office)
New Fierit connector
New Smart Invoice module
New Toshiba cloud print app
New events viewer
New option to start workflows without scanning for Mobile clients

Added Model information for mobile clients
Added device serial number in the clients list where available
Added workflow information in the process logs
Toshiba Scan App: Added calendar, numeric and tree question types
Toshiba Scan App: Added conditional and auto lookup questions
Toshiba Scan App: Added missing server address message
Toshiba Scan App: Added serial number inside the connection

Abbyy generating a RCP error on S-PDF multipage jobs after the first one
Connector settings saved unencrypted [313358]
Email, FTP, WebCapture modules not removing unprocessed invalid files
Item lists displayed duplicated in the selected questions list when filtering with the search field
OneDrive for Business connector generating an exception after successfully uploads on certain network conditions [749034]
OpenAPI, Sharp and Toshiba web clients displaying item lists with last bottom item pre-selected when empty [739929]
PDF files may result bigger in size when using Auto PDF version
Renamed Device Status label for client auto installation
Saving policy with specific printing Job rules fails with a parsing error
Script code editor area may get duplicated
Toshiba Scan App: Fixed client not allowed to connect message in some specific cases
Toshiba Scan App: Fixed info button overlapping opening of workflow scan settings
Toshiba Scan App: Fixed label question, updating from typed question
Toshiba Scan App: Fixed typed question settings not working in specific cases
Toshiba web client always retaining last question values
Trigger email not using Tls1.2 option if set [159173]
Users list not always fully loaded inside Verification trigger settings
Verification notifications not working anymore
Verification zones highlight not always scrolling to the correct position of the zone
WebClient replicating same default value for all questions in specific configurations
WebClient using returned value instead of displayed one in Typed and Selected item lists
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.21.10 | 31-10-2021

October maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
WebClient new SelectedWithTree question type

Added Konica Minolta and Toshiba printing profiles
Added Tray per Page, Fold, Punch and Sort properties inside the policy printing rule options
Afas Online connector added new Tx Authorization transaction types
iManage front connector added picklist folders, matters and users filter
iManage front connector improved picklist filters
WebClient added logged in user variables

Client uninstall error message not always correctly formatted
Created new Output Profile from connector settings dialog is selected by default but not retained when saving connector settings
Embedded clients might be attempted to be pushed with wrong credentials under certain conditions
File not found error when using an output profile with Compact PDF in combination of removal of empty pages [674549]
HP printer profile containing some invalid properties not usable on the printing client
iManage front connector may return an error on some specific users picklist
iManage front connector not always returning full lists
Logged-in user info not correctly used when retrieving cloud print jobs with SSO profiles based authentication
Parameters mistmatch count when using Zone OCR with OmniPageWrapper
Printing profiles not returned when more than one
Questions and item lists displayed duplicated in the capture module list when filtering with the search field
Questions cleared if capture module is saved with filtered questions display list
Questions general list might not refresh when adding new questions under certain specific conditions
Retrieval of cloud print jobs may return no jobs with special characters in the usernames
User credentials variables passed incorrectly during item lists retrieval under certain conditions
WebClient missing scrollbar when workflows list is full
Windows File System front connector not expanding variables used in credentials fields [988842]
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.21.09 | 30-09-2021

September maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New cloud print jobs auto delete
New FinishingOnClient policy printing option
New JPEG color profile setting
New ‘Lock’ rule action for policy printing preferences
Repository documents upload with drop on files area
WebClient documents upload with drop on preview area

Added Brother client communication SSL configuration
Added new policy printing properties for HP devices
Added pages, encryptiong and compression to the cloud print communication
Added paper type property inside the policy printing rule options
Browse folders removed from modules settings when in multi tenancy mode
HL7 Output connector added switch to use or not automatic HL7 processing variables
HL7 Output improved message text editor
iManage connector added custom cloud instance name
Improved cloud print jobs statistics
Uploads media manager added delete button
Uploads media manager extended to the processing modules with documents preview

Error when downloading cloud print jobs bigger than a certain size
Lists order index may not be correctly set in some specific conditions when not all elements are rendered in the list [295213]
Lookup trigger wrong settings variable field
Merging not executed when using PDF documents as input format [295213]
OpenAPI and Toshiba web clients not updating labels on a certain combinations of questions list [455671]
OpenAPI client not retaining correct scanning logged in user inside job variables [988842]
OpenAPI, Toshiba and Sharp web clients scrolling always on top of questions list after closing an item list
PDF/A not compliant to 1/b profile when created with OCR disabled [814754]
Progress hanging and 500 error while attempting to change current user preferences under certain conditions [928515]
Saving a workflow with a module not existing in the current configuration generates an error
Smart OCR right and bottom rule types not correctly calculating word coordinates
Some older converted workflows might generate a character invalid error message when saved
Uploads manager list not correctly sorting by date
Wrong spelling of the word ‘Order’ in French [295213]
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.21.08 | 08-08-2021

August maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Nedap ONS connector new feature to create new Clients
Nedap ONS connector new variable NEDAPONSNEWCLIENTID
New Konica Minolta IWS cloud print application
New support for clour print job properties

M-Files connector added authentication cookies
OneDrive for Business connector added OAuth detailed errors
Updated Konica Minolta IWS scanning application
Updated policy print rule job properties
Updated Toshiba embedded scanning application

Afas Online connector not correctly loading and displaying saved XML front filter
Policy print rule sub type not changing for existing saved rules
Sentral connector might fail upload with some specific output formats
Smart OCR duplicating pages when applying redact or highlight on multipages source documents
Some OAuth connectors not logging when no OAuth profiles are found
Windream connector not correctly setting properties with empty spaces in the field name
Zone modules error message when anchor creation fails not reporting the correct error code
Zone modules sample document not loaded if a big sized file is uploaded
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.21.06 | 30-06-2021

June maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New HP Workpath cloud print application
New mobile clients setting to select cloud print jobs destination services
Regas connector new Bypass Workflow option

Improved OAuth cloud registration for public register and mobile authorization links
Improved core files chunk uploading
Palace connector returning Unit numbers inside properties address
Updated OpenAPI pull print web application layout

An exception might be displayed when adding new tenants and some user licenses ran out of availability
Database might not report correct schema version in some specific cases
Nedap ONS connector front config dialog filter fileds might be not correctly updated
Nedap ONS connector not refreshing employees list in front config dialog clients filter
OAuth public register link not appearing in home page
Print connector not correctly saving printer properties list [100994]
Properties list not saving variables when inserting inside comboboxes [100994]
PropertyMe connector wrong error message text in some cases when bills upload fails
Update database error when creating new tenants using SQL server
Uploads manager generating a 500 error on a tenant
Variables search expression not correctly parsed when inserted inside combobox via the variables list custom value
Workflow export as image generating a JS error
Workflows online library not loading icons in the list when opened from inside tenants
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.21.05 | 31-05-2021

May maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New sample workflows cloud library
New FreeForm, Script, Verification triggers true and false routing
New Lookup trigger
New OpenAPI pull print application support for the cloud print client

Generic lists ordered by default based on last objects first
Improved general server lists filter search
M-Files new automatic auto lookup for class property lookup values
Uploads media manager extended to the connectors with browing functionalities (FTP, Nedap, Youforce, Script)
Workflows browsing tables improved search filter

Embedded clients using REST endpoints may not load correctly workflow images in some specific conditions [726365]
Error notification with 404 not found when using WebClient after any M-Files connector configuration
M-Files connector not refreshing properties list in the picklist configuration dialog
OpenAPI Web client loading incorrectly workflows permissions when using Refresh buttons
Sentral connector not properly working when using subfolders inside the server URL
Toshiba MFP client search while typing question working only case sensitive [726365]
Uploads media manager filtering only the first extension inside the Upload browse dialog
Verification Reject button in documents list generating a 500 error
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.21.04 | 30-04-2021

April maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New support for cloud print client
New Toshiba Embedded client app

Check for corrupted workflows with duplicated triggers
Dropbox connector new short life tokens implementation
Load balancing Azure OAuth tokens added on clusters processing
WebClient improved labels update fired when typing in questions
WebClient new option to disable notifications

HP OXPd client jobs might not be correctly delivered when scanning multiple pages under certain conditions
HP OXPd client not displaying default values for typed questions
Load balancing cluster processing may fail using OAuth tokens with some certain overlapping jobs conditions
OneDrive and OneDrive for Business connectors failing uploading big files
Processing modules are skipped when connected by both conditions and another souce module type
Repository Connector not correctly building indeces on text body under certain conditions [583418]
Scripts might generate Script Error Code -5 during process with specific script configuration and UseScriptEngine enabled
Toshiba web client auto lookup may override custom selected question value in certain conditions
Toshiba web client conditional questions may not correctly evaluted in certain conditions
Toshiba web client keyboard not displayed for password type questions [726365]
Toshiba web client selected questions filled with returned values when reusing workflows with high speed scan mode [726365]
VismaNet connector document types property not correctly updated [874900]
WebClient Live Mode not updating selected questions
WebClient document preview inaccessible horizontal scrollbar behind toolbox frame
WebClient dynamic labels update might not use latest updated variables
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.21.03 | 31-03-2021

March maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New OAuth cloud service support
New Uploads media manager for browse files common functionalities
New connector

Added Full Authentication option for HP clients
Added variables in the output profiles split pages number field
Removed JAVA virtual machine and Samsung Web Client components

Barcode reader module producing memory leak in specific conditions
HP OXPd client not always correctly detecting logged in user
HP server settings not correctly saved
Indexing service not correctly building indeces on text body under certain conditions
Loading freezing at first time installation server settings saving
OneDrive for Business connector not showing folders list while browsing from the configuration dialogs
PDF merging last page option appending to the page before last instead of last
Questions can be deleted also if in use by any workflows
Search While Typing question not correctly working on some web clients
Windream connector document fields not correctly updated with most recent versions [407397]
Windream connector folders displaying IDs instead of names [372828]
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.21.02 | 28-02-2021

February maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New Date and Time question types for Sharp client
New Web Client reuse workflow option [543564]
Web Client new default import folder with automatic importing

ELO connector added field to customize the document date [242203]
Improved Sharp, OpenAPI and Toshiba web clients layout
Improved questions ordering customization inside workflows
JS scripting engine extended support for .NET CLR namespaces under application current domain
Notifications can be expanded when longer than the predefined space [461913]
Web Client added conditional and autolookup question features
Web Client added numeric, toggle and date time question types
Web Client added support for required questions checking
Web Client improved Live Mode operation

Fatal error message may appear overlapping the page contents and requiring a page refresh
Network service might not start directly on fresh new installation under certain conditions
New SSO logged in user in dashboard producing an object reference error when accessing an optional user module
Processing engine may not select the correct process start capture module if additional modules are added at later stage
PropertyMe connector generating an error during uploads to bills when using a supplier returned from a picklist [817534]
Questions sometimes may be displayed duplicated in list
Repository progress hanging when canceling upload
Some policy settings might generate an ObjectNotReference when used after update from existing versions [878510]
Typed question available only when creating new questions directly from the Web Client capture module
User login successfully for users inside disabled local groups
Web Client Live Mode might generate a license error under certain conditions
Web Client not correctly transferring variables [435258]
Web Client progress hanging when canceling upload
Windows File System connector data output contents area not retaining all text after saving when using special characters
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.21.01 | 31-01-2021

January maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New WebClient
New dynamic conditional questions (Toshiba, Konica Minolta)
New support for PDF security encryption AES 128 and 256
New users import functionalities [591840]
iManage connector new OAuth and Cloud support

Improved SmartOCR module recognition
Improved generic side lists layout

Abbyy license message skipped in FreeForm if no Classification license is existing
Adding workflows to a SSO profile configuration not returning
Brother service generating a conflict reference error at startup
Checkbox not visible when marked at client and user groups inside policy settings
Data Export module and connector not allowing to disable one of the Unicode encodings once enabled
Data Output connector contents area not retaining all text after saving when using special characters
Email capture module generating ‘One or more errors’ error message during processing of Office 365 mailboxes
Email, Xero and XPLAN connectors not correctly refreshing Office 365 OAuth tokens
Item list config dialog generating an error on the script code area resize
KOMIDoc connector generating a library conflict error message
Load balancing OAuth tokens not working on clusters
Load balancing cluster creation progress fires many replicated notifications
Load balancing cluster installer might not unregister correctly
Network connection may hang on storing documents via PC Clients with a high number of questions
PC Client Professional capture module hanging on saving settings
Repository documents details counters remaining on zero
Repository master password not correctly applied when saved
SMTP server settings ignoring configured port and always using default 25 during UI test function when user authentication is specified
Saving of zone based rules may trigger a variable already in use error if there is a question with the same variable and not used in the current workflow
SmartOCR module not clearing test results at subsequential tests
SmartOCR module redact not placed at correct position when using Abbyy on source PDF documents
SmartOCR module sequence contains no elements error message in specific conditions
Toshiba e-BRIDGE clients not working when setup under SSL mode
Users OAuth data not correctly deleted when deleting a complete group of users [555191]
Workflow and Scan triggers removed in some cases during workflow saving
Worksite connector not returning an error in case of unsuccessfully upload
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.11.20 | 30-11-2020

November maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

Improved script code editors
raet Youforce connector added filter to display employee numbers when in picklist
Toshiba MFP client updated layout
Toshiba added ODCA SSL port setting

Additional administrator users not being removed when only one other administrator is enabled in total
Date columns not correctly ordering in tables
Document type properties not correctly assigned when setting on a document without document type previously set
Email connector and trigger not correctly supporting full HTML contents
Exchange Online connector reporting wrong brand naming
Expired Kyocera library license
Modifing user settings may generate an error on existing User ID
OpenAPI service may loop on licensing changes
OpenAPI web client dialogs may overlap (info, settings, item list)
Policy settings screen may no change sections when opened in specific conditions
Questions might be listed duplicated inside client capture modules
SSO tree objects not saved when unchecked
SSO tree structure not correctly assigning workflows to children elements
Script code editor automatically fixing wrong encoded quotes
Some OAuth connectors might be firing invalid_uri error under brands different than Scanshare
Some clients might login with disabled users
Triggers are not correctly saved and processed when module in designer is copied
Users accounting data not correctly deleted when deleting a complete group of users
Verification approved document reprocessed in the complete workflow if process fails afte approval
Wrong version of Graph Core library might be fired when using Exchange Online and Azure based functionalities inside services [242183]
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.10.20 | 31-10-2020

October maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Added Abbyy logging
Added Mail and Cloud print specific tenant settings
Added native OpenID authentication when using Azure SSO profiles
OpenAPI pull print application possibility to delete jobs
Osiris connector added customization of the student lookup display format

Improved startup application deployment and loading
OpenAPI pull print application improved layout
Possibility to insert text and variable combined text in combo box variable fields
raet Youforce connector added filter for employees lookup

An exception might be displayed when adding new tenants and some client licenses ran out of availability
Azure background refresh tokens not correctly requested
Connector and Trigger settings not always deleted correctly when removed from a workflow
Error generated when attempting to rename an existing group [225086]
Footer version number not correctly displayed when updates are installed
FreeForm document not correctly cleared when adding new forms and process fails for an error
FreeForm might generate a license error also when a license is correctly existing
Image processing module settings might not be deleted correctly when deleting workflows
Image processing module settings might not be imported correctly in same specific cases
Indexing API returned a SSL unsecure error while used during Repository internal operations and search operations
Installed Updates page not correctly styled
Installer throwing a generic error at the end of an upgrade process
No error displayed and saving completed successfully but not correctly when an error occurs while saving a client, user, workflow group
Number of pages slider not working in output profile split settings
OpenAPI native client crashing when using questions with some specific default values [579317]
OpenAPI pull print application printing status not always correctly updated and sometimes hanging on processing
OpenAPI web client not being able to communicate anymore with the device after a workflows refresh
OpenAPI web client not closing scan settings dialog when scan is started while it stays open [983104]
OpenAPI web client showing an error page when no workflows are available
Output profiles might not be imported correctly and identified by empty names in same specific cases
Questions not all listed inside specific MFP client capture modules
Questions, Item lists and Output Profiles list not correctly filtering on search when inside workflow modules
Restart and Stop commands in Dashboard not working when using French language
SSO profile not correctly saving assigned worklfows for the current entity when working on multiple entities
SSO profile re-opening of assigned workflows list showing always the same list for all entities
SSO profile server tree children items not correctly visually expanding
Saving an existing SSO profile can generate an “already existing” error in some specific conditions
Script code pasted into UI text control might create invalid tab element crashing the execution of the scripts
Settings screen may not open and hang on loading for specific configurations / installations
Skip processing option in watch folder producing process file not found error during processing
SmartOCR module variables not visible in the variables list if workflow isn’t saved before
Toshiba MFP client direct worklfow link not working when user authentication is enabled [118493]
Updates might not be applied correctly
User authentication may always succeed in some cases when using SSO profiles
Verification document preview may not reload when approving / rejecting documents in batch
Workflow designer might not evalute correctly processing routes when conditional nodes are shared across multiple routes
Workflow processing temp folders might not be fully cleared when using specific combination of settings
Workflow triggers might be skipped during processing on clusters
Xerox client error while pushed when inside a policy
Xerox client generating Scans Error 1 on some VersaLink devices
Xerox client not pushed with the correct protocol bindings
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.09.20 | 25-09-2020

September maintenance release: [after summer break] application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Added repository properties custom columns
Added Sorbian language for the Abbyy OCR engine
Added verification variables custom columns
Advanced search Like-style notation supported on Repository properties search
Brother client added ADF Duplex setting
Database connector new use of parametrized variables
JS scripting engine added support for .NET CLR classes and ECMAScript 5.1 compliance
New Exact connector
New Greenlight CRM connector
New Osiris connector
New Output Profile processing caching to reuse same output when the same profile is used in multiple connectors of the workflow
New Pull Print OpenAPI Web application
Windows File System connector added variable WINDOWSFILESYSTEMFILENAME for used filename in last store

Added all client settings inside the policy clients section
Added refresh settings button in simulator
NedapOnes connector updated filter by BSN to work with new API versions
Repository Indexing service moved to https
Toshiba client use of https EWB and ODCA bindings
Updated OpenAPI libraries to latest v5.3
Updated Xero connector supporting OAuth 2.0
Updated xPlan connector supporting new xPlan API

AfasOnline connector not expanding the variables when used in the DossierItem Type field
Azure OAuth tokens might not refresh correctly
Brother client service might require a restart to apply new server IP and port when updated
Error while saving the workflow is multiple new lines are inserted while customizing modules name
HP Client not pushed automatically under https
HP client not using https binding settings when pushing the embedded
ICR zones hanging on loading when opening configuration section
Index out of range exception at the end of the upgrading process over an existing v5 version
Item lists of type Script may hang on saving when using special characters inside the script code text area
Load balancing clusters deployment progress hanging when operation is completed successfully
Load balancing may fire ObjectNotReference error durign processing of workflows on clusters
Load balancing missing No Connection icon on clusters
OpenAPI client may account print jobs not to the correct user
OpenAPI not using function levels enforced by the policies
Page number not valid error during processing when using empty pages removal in combination of some specific OCR outputs
Repository Indexing status reporting always Error also if working correctly
Repository Public folder not visible anymore
Repository properties might be added duplicated when reassigning the document type on existing documents
Repository properties not added on new document upload from web interface
Repository properties not correctly updated when modified on existing documents
Repository shared icons not visible in Tiles view
Same ID can be saved in multiple different users
Sharepoint upload in sub folders inside sub site may not work
Smart OCR rules list not filling position table column
store+find connector generating a Json type error on certain actions
Toshiba MFP Client might not get installed even if reported as installed
Toshiba MFP Client not using EWB SSL communication
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.07.20 | 24-07-2020

July maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
Exchange Online (Office 365) new support for OAuth authorization flows [623974]
New Brother Client
New Image Processing Camera Deskew filter
New JS scripting engine

Automatic shortcut to disable Toshiba client https bindings
Changed numeric questions default minimum and maximum values to 1 and 25
OAuth procedures improved

Clients group settings unable to save producing loading screen hanging when no mobile clients are in the selected group
Dropbox connector unable to correctly use folders [782272]
Dynamics365 connector not correctly performing signout
Exception at login with multi tenancy enabled and using username in the format domain\username
HP service not starting due to a wrong named HP library
Numeric questions minimum and maximum cannot be edited when enabled and forcing both to 0 making the question value uncheangeable
Repository documents and folders not opening in advanced search results list [716879]
Selected with Tree questions not browsing after 2nd level in the Sharepoint connector
Sharepoint front connector displayed library ID instead of name when re-opening saved item list settings
Some modules in the workflow designer might show a license lock icon also if they are enabled and configurable
Toshiba MFP client producing browser debug error on latest A4 devices
Toshiba and OpenAPI Web client date and time questions might show wrong default value in certain conditions
Verification viewer not passing to the next document when approving / rejecting with viewer open
Workflow export not exporting checked item lists for SelectedWithTree questions
Workflows list menu buttons stays disabled in specific conditions
Workflows not processing all capture modules when they are connected inline
Wrong checked questions displayed in the UI for specific workflows
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.06.20 | 21-06-2020

June maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New Kyocera authentication embedded client
PropertyMe connector new store to Tenants

HP Web Client improved waiting time while finalizing scanned job
Option to delete clients also without uninstalling the embedded
Repository documents loading and handling improved
Updated localizations

Annotation module object properties dialog not correctly working
Client types ordered alphabetically
Clients table search not filtering IP addresses and client types
DBNull values not correctly migrated in switching to SQL Server
FreeForm profiles preview not loaded correctly with multi tenancy enabled
HP Web Client improved and functional scan settings section layout
Kyocera embeeded client mixing some scan settings
Listings may not load when using SQL Server
Login attempts may fail also if valid in some concurrent tenants use conditions
New client dialog not closing in some cases when the embedded client automatic installation fails
New client dialog not working when using Spanish language
OpenAPI and Toshiba web clients cutting last letter inside Selected With Tree question type values
Persistent error message when reloading a tenant instance page by entering the URL in the browser address bar
Process service might loop in specific conditions during workflows update
PropertyMe connector store to Owner not correctly working
Rich text editors not loading correctly
Samples upload folders not correctly computed with multi tenancy enabled
Search details pane not loaded correctly
Simulator scan path overriden when using simulator in different tenants
Some inner modify dialogs may not be closing when saving
System dialogs not displayed when inside the workflow designer
Variables parsing may loop with specific characters appearing in variables value
Variables table search not filtering variable types
Web UI login might be denied for already existing session in specific cases when usign the Repository Connector
Workflow appearing blank when having modules not included in the current license
Workflow designer export as XML button remains disabled also after saving a new workflow
Workflow designer might mix up connections when dropping additional capture modules
Workflow user variables not appearing anymore in the variables list
Zone based variables might be empty on specific conditions when working with fixed pages or separation
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.05.20 | 25-05-2020

May maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New Multi Tenancy support
New Netlex connector

Clients table search not filtering IP addresses
Connectors using displayed and returned values inside folders / containers tree browsing window
Crash at login when attempting login with a domain user and a not existing domain
Date & Time question custom dates not correctly saved
Dynamics 365 connector not saving refreshed OAuth token
Error and screen hanging on progress when saving a SSO profile without loading up the AD server tree
Error and screen hanging on saving a connector item list without a name and in case the connector settings might not save
Item list connector icons not all displayed at first startup before opening workflow store connectors once
Item list test button in config dialog using latest saved configuration
Items list test dialog title may not be correctly displayed [310557]
Items list test hanging when fired from the details pane on front connectors based lists
Network Web service may be hanging on stopping and requiring a process kill
OpenAPI and Toshiba web clients Selected With Tree questions not browsing sub levels
Possibility to save an empty workflow which cannot be reopened anymore
Progress hanging when backup / restoring same type database
Question types not correctly filtered according the type of MFP client [310557]
Report Generator module SQL DSN function adding an extra comma at the end of the generated value
Repository New Document web form not submitting values when selected from item lists
Repository advanced search date fields ignored
Repository advanced search properties parameters not correctly working
Repository generating “name is already in use” error at the first try when attempting to add a new document or copy an existing one
Repository object buttons missing in List view
Repository view user preferences not enabled after the first switch
Salesforce not refreshing Oauth tokens
Toshiba authentication client not removed when switching from Full Device authentication to a lower level
Toshiba client not correctly updating label and date and time questions
Trigger email body and script item list fields not correctly displaying text
Triggers stopping working when renaming modules in the workflow designer
Workflow module settings may be lost after saving when operating on new workflows
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.04.20 | 22-04-2020

April maintenance release: application enhancements and bugs fixing.

New features
New iManage v10 and cloud connector
New mobile clients angle offset setting
New Salesforce connector

Added progress in import / export database procedures
All connectors updated to the new V5 layout

Annotation object properties dialog wrongly styled
Changing database settings produces a 500 error looping progress on screen
Encrypt annotation showing the placeholder image on the final output document
Item list config dialog not correctly working and generating a JS error when using French language [310557]
Load balancing firing license max connections reached when saving general settings with 1 connection still available
Missing 4.11 release notes
Notification messages not showing special characters [310557]
Object reference not set error can occur when creating new/opening existing object settings in some conditions when objects list is still loading
Parent button in connectors folder browsing always returning empty list until reached root level
Print connector may not communicate with printers on certain system conditions
Repository permissions reset to default when login with a AD account
Sharepoint connector might fire a Title undefined error while uploading documents inside subfolders
store+find connector not correctly browsing folders
User SSO profile 500 error when using a GSuite profile and leaving username field empty
Variable button not correctly working in PDF properties
Verification trigger after condition trigger evaluating again both condition path first modules
Worksite store connector not using All Workspaces checkbox when refreshing folders
Battery of small bug fixes

v5.0.1.0 | 17-03-2020

Welcome to the new V5: this is the first Official Release.

New features
New fully restyled UI
New basic accounting and billing module (only available for some brands)
New workflow designer engine
New workflow processing architecture
New workflow routing engine
New workflow trigger engine

Improved verification engine
Improved repository engine
Improved questions and item lists engine
Upgraded Nuance OCR engine
Upgraded ABBYY OCR engine
Upgraded Web Server
Upgraded .NET Framework
Battery of improvements

Version 4

Latest released version 4 is released on 08-08-2021.

Version 3

Latest released version 3 is Essentials released on 04-04-2017 and Enterprise 3.7.1 build 338 released on 27-07-2012.

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