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Abbyy Classification FreeForm engine has specific server settings which can be found inside the Server Settings / Workflow section, under FreeForm.


The available settings for FreeForm ABBYY Classification are:


The selected languages to use during the Classification process. It is possible to select multiple languages per workflow by pressing Ctrl and selecting the desired languages.

Please refer to the OCR Appendix chapter for the supported OCR languages.


The selected languages can not be changed after the first profile has been created because ABBYY uses a unique set of languages for all profiles. Changing languages require deleting all ABBYY profiles and create them again. Make sure to select the correct languages in advance.


Do not select all languages or more languages than required just in the case they might be changed because this will affect recognition speed and accuracy.

First page recognition
Recognition done only considering the first page of a document. When disabled all pages have to be recognized. Most multi page documents normally have the most useful information only on the first page (like logo’s, customer name, header). This applies at server level for all FreeForm profiles. It doesn’t consider the number of pages of each document.


Disabling First page recognition only the target document needs to match the number of pages as well otherwise every difference will affect the final confidence level.

Recognition trade-off mode between speed and accuracy. Available options are:

  • Fast Mode: The fast classifier. This mode is recommended for documents which do not contain much text, and the difference between classes is visible in the appearance of the documents.
  • Quality Mode: The accurate classifier. This mode is recommended for documents which contain a lot of text, and the difference between classes can be determined only by considering the contents. The visual structure of the document is not taken into account.

Enable this option if your scanner creates more or less skewed images to apply deskew automatically during the FreeForm recognition. Deskew can only be processed when the skew angle is less than 45 degrees.

Automatic page rotation
Enabling this option will automatically rotate pages based on the orientation of the text during the FreeForm recognition. So if a page is scanned upside down, it will automatically be rotated to the correct orientation.


Deskew and Automatic page rotation are available generically in the Image Processing and Output profile settings as well. The options here are applied as part of the FreeForm recognition in order to don’t affect confidence level while all other workflow options are applied in the moment they are configured and used.

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